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About Steven Fox, Attorney

Steven will take the time to listen to your needs, then impart valuable advice to help you navigate the legal system to achieve your goals.

With his broad base of knowledge and highly developed social skills, Steven is quick to read and respond to his audience. He is a warm, engaging speaker whose genuine interest and sense of humor bring relevance and life to any topic.
Educator, Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society

When you speak to Steven, you’ll get clear explanations to help you quickly understand what needs to be done and why.

Your knowledge and your enthusiasm for the subject of copyrights, trademarks and fair use was so apparent – and so appreciated! Several of the students commented the next day that they were afraid it would be dull and boring but instead they found the subject interesting even though sometimes difficult. The handout you provided was also a plus; it is thorough and will be a good resource for them as they (hopefully) take their course notebook for support and guidance on the job next year. … I'll always appreciate your willingness to support my students--above and beyond what I would ever dream of asking you to do.
Professor of Graphic Design, SUNY Fredonia.

Steven will help you protect your rights and intellectual property. Protecting his own writing, photography, painting and drawing has given Steven valuable experience that makes him uniquely qualified to work with artists, musicians and creators of other original works.

He has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, has written over 70 articles and published a book, has appeared on radio and TV, and has presented over 50 lectures designed for audiences from middle-schoolers to judges.

The students in both classes were easily drawn in by Steve’s engaging lecture style. The information he imparted was extremely valuable to all of us and his handout was extensive and displayed an inordinate amount of painstaking effort to compile.
Professor/Librarian, Erie Community College State University of New York

Steven has a B.S. in Consumer Economics from Cornell, a J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, is admitted to practice law in New York and before the United States Supreme Court, and is a domain name judge for the United Nation's World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.

The interns reported that your presentation on computer law/intellectual property has enhanced their understanding of that area of our jurisprudence. Your efforts contributed significantly to the success of this year’s program.
Judge, Eighth Judicial District

His belief is that each client deserves a personalized and rapid resolution to problems. To achieve this goal, he makes it a priority to establish an open, one-on-one relationship with every client.

Your passion is clear and true and you should know that you touched hearts deeply today.

His goal is to resolve each issue in a timely fashion. And, when needed, he can assemble a team of specialists to confront multi-faceted projects. In this way, his clients benefit not only from one person's knowledge and experience, but from the collective resources his entire network of professionals.

Attached please find an example of how to write a copyright infringement letter. Beautifully researched, both fact and law, command of same. Brief and to the point, understandable by lawyer and client alike, telling the client what he needs to know in no uncertain terms. A reminder as to why we refer our copyright matters to Steve, and don't attempt to dabble in this complicated area of the law - he makes it look so easy!
Patent Attorney, Co-counsel

Steven's strength is in listening to what you want to do and quickly understanding your needs in depth.

Your analyses of the situation are on point, genuine and communicated for my growth and well-being. I need to continue to … follow your suggestions.
Theologian (client)

He is a lawyer who knows more than law. A former newspaper photo-journalist and NY-certified wilderness guide with in-depth knowledge of computer programming, fine arts and business management, he is well-suited to be your trusted legal advisor and counselor.

Whether you are an individual or a business, Steven is ready to work with you.

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  • Copyrights & Trademarks
  • Licenses & Sales
  • Business Creation & Contracts
  • Internet & Technology
  • First Amendment & Privacy
  • Fair Use & Public Domain
  • Litigation & Mediation
  • Publication & Communication

Companies which have been the other party in Transactions and Litigation

Library of Congress
J. Paul Getty Museum
Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim
Snap-On Tools
Simon & Schuster
Center for Creative Photography
Getty Images
Lenox & Dansk China
John Wiley & Sons
Sony/ATV and Graham Nash
Gibson Guitars
Outback Steakhouse
Rockwell International


  • Admitted to practice in NY and US Supreme Court
  • United Nation's World Intellectual Property Organization Domain Name Judge, Arbitrator and Mediator of international intellectual property disputes.


  • University of Pennsylvania Law School
  • Cornell University BS Economics

122 Deerhurst Park Boulevard
Buffalo, NY 14217

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